Mercedes’ crushing dominance in F1

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Before the season, Ferrari planned to compete finally with Mercedes, instead of watching their back for the six consecutive year. With a strong combination of youth (Leclerc) and experience (Vettel) team from Maranello could expect any progress, but faced a big humiliation instead.

Mercedes is simply the machine this season. Five times out of five they had both of their drivers on the first two positions. They also won almost every qualifying except for Bahrain GP. Bottas and Hamilton has been switching places between each other and when Leclerc had a great chance to win his first race in Formula One in Bahrain, the car refused to cooperate. No one else has been even near Germans this season and it seems like it’s not about to change soon.

Due to the last win in Spain, Lewis Hamilton is now a leader in driver standings, with a seven-point advantage over Valtteri Bottas. Englishman will soon have the double number of Verstappen’s points, who is third in the standings. Red Bull also wanted to mix up the competition this year, but with Gasly struggling for every point it became impossible. On the other hand Dutchman can try his best, but it’s still not enough for Mercedes. 

The team is also close to having two times more points than Ferrari and can achieve this in the next round, in Monaco. Probably no one will be able to contend with Germans this season and similarly we’ll be witnesses of the fight among teammates above all the others, like in 2016 with Hamilton and Rosberg.

[photo: F1 Facebook]

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