Mighty lizards disrupted F1 training ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix

(foto: Twitter)

After several days of break, Formula 1 returned. On Friday, drivers trained before Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix race. The first training session of Formula 1 drivers before the Singapore Grand Prix was disrupted in an unusual way. Huge lizards appeared on the track.

During the first driver training session, a lot of confusion on the Marina Bay track was caused by exceptional newcomers. Large lizards were walking around the track during training.

The unwelcome guests turned out to be a herd of Varanidaes. The animals effectively made it difficult for the competitors to drive. The referees had to display yellow flags three times.

-Maybe it’s Godzilla’s baby? – Red Bull engineer Gianpiero Lambiase joked about one of the lizards in a radio conversation with Max Verstappen.

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