More than sports. Kevin Sinfield carries Rob Burrow across the Leeds Marathon finish line

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Kevin Sinfield carries friend Rob Burrow across the Leeds Marathon finish line. This is a picture from a marathon that Sinfield initiated specifically for Burrow. Sinfield and Burrow are Leeds Rhinos teammates. In 2019, Burrow was diagnosed with MND.

Kevin Sinfield is a player for Leeds Rhinos, a professional rugby league club in Leeds. Sinfield is also an avid long-distance runner who decided to turn his passion into a charity event. Now, through running challenges, he raises funds to help his friend and teammate Rob Burrow, who was diagnosed with MND in 2019.

MND, also known as ALS, is a motor neuron disease that causes the nerves that control movement to stop working. People with MND experience problems with moving their limbs, maintaining posture, swallowing and breathing, which worsen over time and shorten their lives. Although at the moment it is considered an incurable and rapidly progressing disease, Kevin Sinfield believes that the disease can be cured, but a lot of research is needed to find effective treatment methods. Hence his idea for a marathon named after his friend. He wants to use it to help Burrow, as well as others living with MND.

-The support for the MND community through the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon has been fantastic. Through this event, we are able to give hope to a community that has been in darkness for so long. MND is not incurable, it was just underfunded, so having a marathon in honor of my friend Rob and everyone living with MND is amazing.- Sinfield told the BBC.

Sinfield and Burrow caught the world’s attention when, at the finish of the marathon, Sinfield took Burrow in his arms and completed the marathon with him in his arms. Sinfield and Burrow ran the entire marathon together, as Sinflied pushed Burrow in a wheelchair the entire distance of the run.

Run For All has announced that The Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon will return in 2024 after an “overwhelming” number of people entered this year’s race. Rob Burrow was one of the best players in English rugby league. After he was diagnosed with MND, he continues to spread knowledge about this disease and raise money to find effective methods of its treatment.

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