Nadal and Alcaraz in doubles at the Olympics? Yes, but there is a problem with their qualification for the Olympics

Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz (fot. Love Tennis)

Carlos Alcaraz said some time ago that his dream would be to play in a doubles pair with Rafael Nadal at the Olympics. When asked about it in a later interview, Nadal replied that he would also like to play such a doubles match. There’s only one problem. At the moment, the men do not meet the requirements to take part in the Olympics. Why?

For Spanish tennis fans, seeing Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz doubles in the Olympics would be a dream come true. It would probably also maximize Spain’s chances of winning a medal. Rafa Nadal is the king of the surface on which next year’s Olympics in Paris will be played (Roland Garros courts, where Nadal won the Grand Slam 14 times), and Carlos Alcaraz is considered to be Nadal’s successor. Unfortunately, at the moment, creating such a doubles is impossible because neither Nadal nor Alcaraz meet the requirements to take part in the Olympics.

According to “Marca” journalists, Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal are to play at the Olympics in Paris. For the older Spaniard, this will be the last tournament in his career. However, the gentlemen must first complete the formalities. To be allowed to play in the 2024 Paris Games, you must play for the national team at least once in 2023 or 2024. Nadal and Alcaraz will have to explain in a letter why they could not represent Spain in the Davis Cup. Nadal’s translation will certainly be accepted as the Spaniard has been off the court all year due to an injury and hip surgery. Alcaraz was supposed to play in the Davis Cup Final play-offs in February 2024, but Spain got a wild card. It is not known how the Olympic committee will react to this explanation.

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