Natalia Maliszewska the first Polish woman to win the World Cup


A young speed skater shook the world. So young and so good. Amazing! Specializing in short-track Natalia Maliszewska won the World Cup. There is only one more task ahead of the Pole – sealing the victory in the last race of the season.

The season ends on February 10,but we know the winer of the Wolrd Cup since yesterday. That’s because of the competition on Saturday in Turin where Natalia Maliszewska met the condition, which secured her win in the whole World Cup. Polka was supposed to take a better place than Ruijven who is second in the World Cup standings and she did it. Maliszewska was sceond while Van Ruijven was the last. Before today’s finishof the season, Maliszewska overtakes Van Ruijven by 11 255 points. This means that even if Van Ruijven will win the last race of the season it is Maliszewska who will win the World Cup. Why? The competitor receives 10,000 points for winning one race. So if Van Ruijven won with a Pole on Sunday, she would still have over 1,000 points less than Maliszewska in the World Cup.

It is almost impossible to lose the World Cup by Maliszewska. However, right now Polish woman should go as best as she can to prove her class. The more that this is a historic achievement. Maliszewska is the first Polish woman in history who managed to win the Short-Track World Cup.



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