New White Hart Lane is opened

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The yesterday’s game was the first Tottenham match on freshly opened White Hart Lane. Spurs in the derby game against Crystal Palace won 2:0 and the first historic goal was scored by Son Heung-Min.

The new arena supposed to be opened at the beginning of the season, but the club must have been sure, that everything will be 100% ready and will efficiently work. Fans can be satisfied with the final effect, which impresses everybody. The stadium looks very modern and is the only one in the world with two pitches – one for football and the second one for NFL league, when they would hospitably play in London.

The new White Hart Lane has over 62 000 seats, which is a lot more than its predecessor (36 000). Before Tottenham was able to play an official match, first the stadium needed two examinations. In the actual debut on the arena, Spurs U18 beat Southampton 3:1. After that match of legends has been played and Tottenham lost to Inter Milan 4:5.

Finally the league debut at the new stadium has arrived and Mauricio Pochettino’s proteges won 2:0 against Crystal Palace. Now the manager is happy, that the team has an opportunity to play on the new ground. The arena fulfilled even more with the fans can be a key factor in Champions League quarterfinal match against Manchester City.  We’ll see, how Tottenham will manage to play on their home stadium again.

[photo: Premier League Facebook]

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