Nick Kyrgios contemplated suicide before his match with Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2019


In the Netflix series “Break Point”, which follows the journey of several tennis stars, Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios revealed the details of his worst career moment. Kyrgios revealed he considered suicide at Wimbledon in 2019.

The Australian tennis star had some of the worst ideas in his head. Nick Kyrgios shared his darkest side. In the Netflix series “Break Point”, the Australian player revealed that in 2019 he wanted to commit suicide before the Wimbledon second round match with Rafael Nadal.

During the 2019 Wimbledon competition, Nick Kyrgios hit rock bottom. The tennis player said he started drinking regularly at the Dog & Fox pub in Wimbledon Village. His frustrations made him hurt himself and he considered even more drastic measures. All this meant that he went to the match with Rafael Nadal in a bad condition and lost the match. Kyrgios contemplated suicide before and after meeting Nadal.

-2019 was the lowest point of my career… The pressure, all eyes on you, the anticipation, I couldn’t handle it. I hated who I was. I drank, took drugs nonstop, lost my relationship with my family, pushed away all my close friends. I could see that I was suffering. My entire arm was covered in scars. So I actually put on a sleeve to cover it all up. I really considered whether I wanted to commit suicide. I lost at Wimbledon. I woke up and my dad was just sitting next to me on the bed crying full blast. That was a big alarm bell for me. I thought, okay, I can’t keep doing this. I ended up in a psychiatric ward in London to solve my problems.

Kryrgios’s manager also commented on the matter.

-Nick was fucked up. I don’t really talk to people about it, just because no one really understood what was going on and no one wanted to hear about it. He didn’t tell anyone what they said at the psychiatric clinic. The conversation they had in that room no one knows.- commented Daniel Horsfall.

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