Nick Kyrgios removed from the ATP rankings

Nick Kyrgios (Twitter)

Nick Kyrgios has been officially removed from the ATP rankings. We know why this happened and what it means for the tennis player.

The new ATP ranking was published on Monday. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, after all, the rankings are updated every Monday, if it weren’t for the fact that one tennis star was missing from the list. Nick Kyrgios was removed from the list. What happened to the Australian?

Nick Kyrgios had big plans for this season, but an injury thwarted his plans. The Australian had to withdraw from the competition at the beginning of the season due to a knee injury that ultimately had to be operated on. The tennis player was supposed to return to play on June 13. Unfortunately, he lost in the first round of ATP Stuttgart. No one expected that this would turn out to be his only appearance this year. But that’s what happened. The Australian suffered a wrist injury, which excludes him from the game to this day.

Nick Kyrgios’ injuries are disastrous. Ranking 19th at the beginning of the year, he dropped out of the top 100 of the ATP rankings some time ago due to his long absence. Now, when Kyrgios still stops, he feels further consequences of his ill-fated injuries. Kyrgios has just lost all his ranking points and is therefore removed from the ATP rankings. This puts the Australian in a difficult starting position upon his return to play. He will now have to go through qualifications in every tournament he wants to play. Unless he decides to use the ranking protection option that the ATP gives to players who are out of the game for more than six months due to injury. If the Australian takes advantage of this, his points will be frozen and will allow him to take part in some tournaments without having to go through the qualifiers.

Kyrgios is not the only top tennis player in this situation. Former leader Rafael Nadal, who is struggling with a hip and foot injury, last appeared on the court in January. He will be removed from the ranking in three months if he does not use the point protection option. At the moment it is not known whether he will use it.

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