No room for racism!

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The problem of racism in sport, especially in football, is present for a long time. It would seem, that in 2019, when there are campaigns calling for equality and strict punishments for people manifesting racism, the situation wouldn’t be so common. Italy proves though, that the state hasn’t changed for years.

In Tuesday’s match, where Juventus faced Cagliari, Moise Kean had to listen to monkey shouts, shouted by the host fans for the most part of the game. When he scored, he celebrated the goal in front of rival’s stand.

Bonucci’s post match words induced even more stir. He burdened equally the player and the host fans, because in his opinion he ignited the anger in rivals with provocative celebration. The Juventus captain didn’t notice, that the crowd has been humiliating Kean for most of the match, not as the result of celebration. The defender cleared what he meant later, but disgust remained.

The young player was immediately supported by other victims of racism at stadiums, Matuidi and Sterling. Englishman and his national team faced another racist shouts during the March’s match against Montenegro and the victims were Danny Rose and Callum Hudson-Odoi.

‘Three Lions’ captain, Harry Kane, claims, that if there is a need, he will walk out his teammates to a dressing room the next time they will face racism. It’s one of the examples, when captains or managers have a firm statement in this case. In England ‘No Room For Racism’ campaign has been initiated, which is intended to shows league’s opinion about racism.

[photo: Premier League Facebook]

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