Nominees for Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year in England are known

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The end of the season is coming relentlessly and in Europe there are already a few crowned champions – Juventus won Serie A for the eight time in row and in France unbeatable PSG reached for the title. In England the clash between Manchester City and Liverpool will last until the end, so it’s not surprising, that among footballers nominated for the Player of the Year title according to Professional Footballers Association are mostly ones from both clubs. The only exception is Eden Hazard from Chelsea.

As usually, nominees are mostly offensive players. ‘The Citizens’ can be proud of three Guardiola’s proteges, who will have a chance to win this title – Raheem Sterling, Sergio Agüero and Bernardo Silva. The first two names are not a surprise, as they scored respectively 17 and 19 league goals until now, being an engine of offensive play. Surprisingly also Portuguese drew attention to his form. He became Guardiola’s first choice this season and Spaniard can be proud of his decision, because his protege shines with his form, he creates big chances for his teammates and for himself as well and it seems like he has no opponents around, that he is able to play unconventionally.

Sadio Mane and Virgil Van Dijk are the Liverpool players who were nominated for POTY. It is interesting thought, that Salah is not among the nominees, but Senegalese also deserved for the chance. Ex-Southampton player plays the best league season of his career, scoring over 18 goals. Van Dijk on the other hand was appreciated for his gigantic impact on team’s defence this season, which is the best in the league. He also can affect a result, as he scored thrice and provided two assists.

Eden Hazard also has the chance to win this title. Belgian was involved in 28 league goals, the most in Premier League, he scored 16 of them. Even though Chelsea doesn’t play the best season itself, the team won’t be so high in the table without its shining star.

Young Player of the Year nominees are also known. Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva were nominated again, alongside Trent Alexander-Arnold, Marcus Rashford, David Brooks and Declan Rice.

[photo: PFA Facebook]

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