Novak Djokovic denies Rafael Nadal’s words

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic (fot. Los Angeles Times)

Rafael Nadal gave a long interview to Spanish television in September. He answered questions about his health and planned return to the game, and commented on Novak Djokovic’s record-breaking feat. Djokovic himself has now responded to the Spaniard’s comment. We recall what Nadal said and quote the Serb’s retort.

In 2022, Rafael Nadal became the first tennis player in history to win a Grand Slam 22 times. This year, Nadal’s record was broken. Serbian Novak Djokovic has overtaken the Spaniard by two titles. Nadal commented on Djokovic’s achievement in an interview for Spanish television, which he gave a few days after the end of the US Open, where the Serb won his 24th title.

— Would I like to be the tennis player with the most Grand Slam tournament wins? Without a doubt. But the fact that it’s different doesn’t frustrate me. I think Novak lives for it more – Nadal said.

Nadal’s words sparked a lot of comments. Some agreed with him and said that Djokovic would be frustrated if he did not break Nadal’s record. Others criticized Nadal, accusing him of lack of class and jealousy. Now Novak Djokovic himself has spoken on the matter.

– I have no intention of speaking negatively about Rafa (Nadal) or Roger (Federer). My respect for them supersedes some of the negative opinions I may have. This is Rafa’s opinion, I don’t agree – said Novak Djokovic, quoted by Eurosport.

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