Novak Djokovic revealed his retirement plans

2NJ606C Novak Djokovic speaks during a news conference in Belgrade, Serbia February 22, 2023. REUTERS/Zorana Jevtic

A singles tennis career does not last very long. Tennis players used to retire after the age of 30, now they often do it at the age of around 35. Novak Djokovic turned 36 in May and has won three of four Grand Slam tournaments this season. However, the Serb assures that he knows that he is probably at the end of his career. He recently revealed when he would retire.

Although he plays excellently and is in good physical shape, Novak Djokovic is increasingly talking about retirement. It started in May, when Rafael Nadal, the tennis player whom Novak Djokovic considers his greatest rival, announced that he would retire at the end of the season in 2024. Djokovic then admitted in an interview that it made him think about his own retirement, because Nadal is an integral part of it. Especially since with Nadal’s departure, his biggest obstacle to winning matches will be gone.

Now Djokovic has returned to the topic of retirement during the US Open. Although the Serb won the tournament, becoming the first tennis player in history to win a Grand Slam tournament 24 times, he mentioned retiring several times. First, he mentioned in the press conference that he realizes that his career is closer to the end than the beginning, which is why he enjoys every grand slam win because it could be his last slam. Then he returned to the topic in a slightly more humorous way.

Djokovic said, “Occasionally asking myself, why do I need this still at this stage after all I have done, you know? How long do I want to keep going? I do have these questions in my head, of course” 

“You know, players come and go,” he said. “It will be the same kind of destiny for me. Eventually one day I will leave tennis in about 23, 24 years. And there is going to be new young players coming up. Until then, I guess you’ll see me a bit more.”

Do you think Djokovic will retire in the coming years?

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