Novak Djokovic reveals what he wants to do after retiring. This applies to Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic (fot. Los Angeles Times)

Novak Djokovic recently made it clear what his relationship is with Rafael Nadal. Although what he said was expected, the Serb surprised fans by revealing what he wanted to do with Nadal after the end of their careers.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are certainly the greatest athletes in their discipline. It’s no wonder that they also consider themselves their biggest rivals on the court. Was it this competitive factor that prevented them from ever becoming friends? It’s hard to say, because after all, Nadal is very close friends with another great of this discipline, Roger Federer. This shows that such friendship is possible. Maybe Djokovic and Nadal just have too different personalities.

We will probably never find out the truth. However, we know that Djokovic wants to fulfill his one dream and it concerns Rafa Nadal. The Serb revealed that although he is not friends with Rafa, he would like to meet him after his career and do a certain thing. What is it about?

Speaking to French outlet C a vous ahead of the Paris Masters, Djokovic said: “Rafael Nadal is a very special player for me. He’s not really my friend but we have respect for each other. I hope that after our career we can have a drink on the beach, talk about life.”

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