Pique with another portion of controversy

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FC Barcelona and Spain national team defender is famous for his controversial words, which he has said for years. Usually they are irreverent and pointed at the main rival, Real Madrid, or Espanyol, often he criticizes the media, but we can also learn about secrets from the changing room. This time, due to ‘La Resistencia’ programme, he was able to answer in his own style on untypical questions asked by the journalist.

The show host asked for example, how many times Pique had sex in the last month. Spaniard responded with ‘including Santiago Bernabeu’. The answer quickly spread around the world. It’s an obvious reference to two wins in Madrid lately. First Barcelona won 3:0 in Copa del Rey, later added another victory, 1:0 this time, in La Liga. Real was eliminated from the cup and practically lost his chance to win the title.

The defender admitted openly, that he and his teammates has been making fun of unfavorable journalists. Players added them to their WhatsApp group, mock them and later deleted from the conversation.

Pique made biting remarks about Espanyol as well. He claimed, that his wealth is bigger than local rival’s budget this season (57 million euros). Talking about money, according to the defender, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the person, who likes it the most. As a proof he citied a situation, when Swede announced ‘Money is not important. Having a lot of money is the most important thing’.

Except for the receivers of sneers, there are no pretensions to Pique. Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona’s manager said, that it was only an entertainment programme and clearly he wasn’t angry at his protege.

[photo: FC Barcelona Facebook]

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