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Fabio Quagliarella, Sampdoria’s forward, proves, that even near the end of football career it is possible to achieve fantastic results. Italian just turned 36 in January, but it doesn’t stop him from beating his own scoring records.

Striker is a Serie A veteran. He began his career in Torino in 1999. Since 2005 he has constantly been playing in the top tier. In 430 matches on the highest level he scored 148 goals, what makes him 26th goalscorer in league history. He performs especially great in the current club. In the first season he scored 12 goals and added 4 assists, in the next one he netted 19 times and provided 6 last passes.

The current campaign is the best in his career. Even though Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus, Krzysztof Piątek has a splendid start in the new league, it is Quagliarella who is the best goalscorer right now. He has never scored 21 goals in a season and there are 9 games left to play. It is possible, that he will end this campaign with top scorer title.

He deserved a national call-up with his form and in the match against Liechtenstein he scored twice, what made him Italy’s oldest goalscorer.

It seems obvious, that Quagliarella with his head free of stress is able to achieve great form. During his period in Napoli, he became the victim of threats. His friend recommended a police officer, who was an expert in cases like this. However, it turned out, that Raffaele Piccolo became player’s worst nightmare for the next years.

Threats intensified and they referred not only to the player, but also to his family. Italian wasn’t aware though, that with giving the policeman access to his phones and computers, the man would turn his life into a living hell. Piccolo has only pretended to help him. Quagliarella left Napoli for Juventus to escape as far as possible from incubus. Only after a few years the criminal has been caught red-handed.

The forward lives his best time in his career right now. Even though he doesn’t fight for trophies, not many players can perform like this in this age. Most of all, he came away unscathed from the nightmare Piccolo provided and with each following year he has built his image as one of the Serie A legends.

[photo: Nazionale Italiana di Calcio Facebook]

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