Rabiot on the turn of his career?

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Adrien Rabiot, one of the biggest talents in France national team, has found himself at the turn of his promising career. For PSG player there is no place in Thomas Tuchel’s squad, even though he could be sure of it before the season. Frenchman was a big hope for the team, also for German manager, but his personal decisions caused such a situation.

Midfielder went to war with club authorities, willing to join another team in January and refusing to sign a new contract. Until then he was a regular starter, but when he decided to change the team, he was removed from the squad. Frenchman counted on a move to Barcelona, but he waited too long with signing a contract, that Catalans withdrew the offer from a table. Transfer window has been closed and Rabiot didn’t change his employer.

Another big clubs expressed interest in the player, appreciating his intelligence on a pitch and creativity despite being defensive midfielder. Sooner or later clubs like Juventus, Bayern and Real Madrid changed their minds. Current Champions League winners decided to let go because of Zinedine Zidane’s veto. Instead he wanted someone more creative in the midfield.

The situation is also not easy because of Frenchman’s big financial expectations, who want to earn 10 million per year and receive 15 million for transfer. His contract with PSG terminates and he can be out of any club soon. He burns his bridges behind him with liking Patrice Evra’s video after Manchester United eliminated Paris club from Champions League, and that’s why he has been suspended for six days by club authorities.

[photo: PSG – Paris Saint Germain]

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