Rafael Nadal has undergone surgery. When will he be back on the court?

Rafael Nadal (Twitter)

Rafael Nadal has been out of court since January’s Australian Open. The Spaniard then suffered a serious hip injury that forced him to undergo surgery. Doctors have given a date for Nadal’s return to the court.

Rafael Nadal is expected to miss at least five more months of the season following hip surgery. This means that we will not see the Spaniard on the court again this year.

Going through leg and hip surgery was the only solution for Rafael Nadal, because the Spaniard’s body did not respond to any therapies, treatments, and rehabilitation. The Spaniard believes this will allow him to return to form and play next year, which will be his final season. According to the doctors’ prognosis, the Spaniard should be able to return to training in five months.

Nadal’s spokesman, Benito Perez-Barbadillo, said on Saturday, June 3 that on the evening of June 2, a trio of doctors at a clinic in Barcelona performed two procedures on Nadal’s leg. One part of the surgery was for a tendon, the other for an old labrum injury.

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