Rafael Nadal’s surprising comment about Novak Djokovic’s latest record

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In 2022, Rafael Nadal became the first tennis player in history to win the Grand Slam 22 times. However, this year Nadal’s record was broken. Serbian Novak Djokovic has overtaken the Spaniard by two titles. How does Nadal feel about this and what does he think about Djokovic’s achievement? The Spaniard made a surprising comment.

There has been a debate in tennis for years about who is the best tennis player in history. This is measured by the number of Grand Slams won. For a moment, it seemed that Rafael Nadal would be hailed as the best in history when in 2022 he won two Grand Slams, the Australian Open and Roland Garros, becoming the tennis player with the most Slam wins in history – 22 titles.

The situation changed this year, when Novak Djokovic maintained his high form and won three Grand Slam tournaments, and Rafael Nadal had to end the season at the beginning due to a serious hip injury. In Nadal’s absence, Djokovic equaled the Spaniard’s record and then extended it by two titles, becoming the first tennis player in history to win 24 Grand Slam tournaments. How does Rafael Nadal feel about losing the record to Novak Djokovic?

— Would I like to be the tennis player with the most Grand Slam tournament wins? Without a doubt. But the fact that it’s different doesn’t frustrate me. I think Novak lives for it more and would be more frustrated if he didn’t do it – Nadal said.

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