Ramos stays in Madrid

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Real Madrid is in the crisis right now and needs charismatic leaders to get through the hard time. After departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, ‘Los Blancos’ captain, needs to take more responsibility and brick back the team to the right track. Spaniard announced he would like to stay at Santiago Bernabeu until the end of his career, despite the media linked with other team.

Ramos organised a special conference, where he wanted to clear things out. Media has fanned the flame about a lucrative offer from China, which was satisfactory for both club and a player for the end of his career. In addition his financial problems after unsuccessful investment, which were described in the papers, could convince defender to the move. Centre-back is feeling great in Madrid though and would like to stay fit as long as he can to be able to perform in such a big club.

Spaniard developed in Sevilla. After one season in the senior squad he signed for Real Madrid in 2005 – the club he bound with for almost the whole career. Defender won the whole cabinet of trophies with his team – four championship titles, two Copa del Rey cups, trzy Super Cups, three Europa Super Cups and four Club World Cups.

Since 2015/16 season he has been the captain and it shouldn’t be a surprise for anybody. Ramos took matters into his own hands with the goal in the injury time in Champions League final in 2014 against Atletico. After the extra time ‘Los Blancos’ won their first title in 12 years. With the captain band on his arm he led the club to another three European cups in the row. No team except for Real has defended the trophy since the tournament has been renamed to Champions League.

[photo: Real Madrid C.F. Facebook]

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