Referee accidentally hit with a hammer. He suffered an open leg fracture

Ali Zankawi (fot. tvpsport)

A dramatic situation occurred during the hammer throwing competition during the Asian Games. The referee was accidentally hit with a hammer. He was immediately transported to hospital.

The incident occurred during Ali Zankawi’s hammer throw. The athlete made an unsuccessful hammer throw, as a result of which his hammer accidentally hit the leg of the competition referee.

The injured person is 62-year-old Huang Qinhua. Blood started pouring from his leg. It turned out that he had suffered an open leg fracture. He was quickly provided with medical assistance and Zankawi, who accidentally hit the referee’s leg. The hammerman held the referee’s leg to stop the bleeding. The judge was taken out of the facility on a stretcher and transported to the hospital. It turned out that he had suffered an open fracture of the tibiofibular bone in his right leg. It was reported that the judge’s condition was stable.

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