Revolution at Stamford Bridge

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Chelsea is right now in the middle of huge revolution, which can end in different ways for the club. ‘The Blues’ are forced to do so though, because of the departure of unquestionable leader, Eden Hazard and probable transfer ban. In addition, Juventus is close to take over Maurizio Sarri from the club. Frank Lampard is linked with the abandoned position.

There are a lot of challenges for the club connected with these changes. A year ago ‘The Blues’ were dethroned by Manchester City and it’s really visible, how ‘The Citizens’ and other main candidates for the title, Liverpool, have left the Londoners and the rest behind them since then. Even though the team finished third in the league in this campaign, it was mainly the merit of Eden Hazard. Belgian led the whole offensive, scored 16 goals and provided 15 assists himself. Now he joined Real Madrid though, so ‘The Blues’ have to adapt to the new situation. More players need to take responsibility, that it has been until now.

The specter of the ban is hanging over the club’s head, but it’s still a chance to abolish the penalty. Chelsea submitted an appeal to the court of arbitration for sport, which will consider the case in a few months. Until then ‘The Blues’ may have the ban suspended and strengthen before the season.

Another change is going to be in the managerial role. Sarri won’t be stopped before being bought by Juventus, while Frank Lampard should be his successor, even though is only a year in the profession. Respect by the fans and players, intelligence and an ability to use young players favor for his employment. Such a combination needs to work out, but the Chelsea legend needs to receive a bit of time to carry out his plans.

[photo: Chelsea FC Facebook]

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