Rich Fellers pleads guilty to sexually abusing a minor

Rich Fellers (

Former Olympian and horse trainer Rich Fellers admits to sexually abusing one of his students. The couple was caught by Fellers’ wife. We know the verdict.

Former Olympian Rich Fellers has admitted to sexually abusing one of his students.

His victim was 17 years old, and Fellers was accused of soliciting his teenage student into a relationship that was illegal under US law. The New York Post reported that Fellers would likely be sentenced to four years in prison while also serving a concurrent 30-month sentence that was part of his plea deal.

Fellers’ first arrest was in 2021, when his student was 17 years old, but had previously studied under him. She moved into her own apartment at the age of 15 to be closer to the Fellers’ training center. After the sexual abuse cases came to light, she was open about the situation, describing Fellers as a father figure. It turns out the couple were in a relationship until Fellers’ wife caught them together in an Airbnb apartment they shared while traveling to a Michigan horse show.

Fellers was immediately suspended after his wife filed an official complaint, and was added to the list of suspensions of the U.S. SafeSport Center.

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