Robert Karas on track to break the 10-time Ironman record

Robert Karas (TVP)

Robert Karas is a Polish triathlete, champion and world record holder in Ultra Triathlon at the distance of triple and double Ironman. Now he competes in a 10-time Ironman. Karas plans to break the world record for this distance and is well on his way to achieving his goal.

Robert Karas takes part in a 10-time Ironman and is ahead of the pack! The distance he has to cover is 1,800 km of cycling, 422 km of running and 38 km of swimming. According to information from Tuesday morning, Karas has already completed the swimming stage and has covered over 1,550 km on a bike. Ahead of him is the completion of the bike ride and 422 km of running.

The 10-time Ironman kicked off on Saturday. Robert Karas has been doing great in it from the very beginning. He is ahead of the pack and is about 10 minutes faster than last year. At the moment, his advantage over others is already huge. Jurand Czabanski, second in the classification, is behind him by 43 laps of cycling (one is over 7.5 km long). Karas takes only short breaks. He had slept less than four hours since the start of the race. The triathlete’s staff reports that he is still in great mental shape and physically strong.

Karas entered the competition with the intention of breaking the world record. Currently, the world record in the 10-time Ironman is held by Kenneth Vanthuyne. Last year, the Belgian covered the distance in 182 hours, 43 minutes and 43 seconds. If Karas keeps up the pace, there is a good chance that the Pole will set a new world record.

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