Robert Kubica will drive in the team of his dreams

Robert Kubica (fot. X)

Robert Kubica was in top form when, in 2011, the Ferrari team, for which Kubica had always wanted to drive, became interested in him. Unfortunately, Kubica’s career was stopped by an accident during a rally race, which almost cost him his life. However, Kubica will manage to fulfill his dream, because it has just been announced that Ferrari has entered into cooperation with him.

Robert Kubica is the best example that nothing is impossible. After an accident in 2011, in which he almost lost his hand, was crushed by a road barrier, underwent numerous surgeries and still struggles with hand problems, he proved that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve something that others thought impossible, and return to F1. The Pole took part in races again in 2019. An accident prevented him from driving for Ferrari in 2011. So now his dream will come true.

The accident interrupted Kubica’s performances in Formula 1 and thwarted his plans for his further career. As Robert Kubica himself admitted, at the time of the accident he was bound by a preliminary contract with the Ferrari team and after the end of the season he was to be introduced as the new driver of the Italian team. It didn’t happen then, it will happen now. Robert Kubica will be the driver of AF Corse from next season. As part of the Italian team, the Pole is to compete in the long-distance world championships, in which he won this year with a different team. Kubica, who was training at the Imola track on Wednesday, did not hide his great satisfaction with joining the team that has been servicing Ferrari cars for years.

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