Roger Federer a coach? The Swiss admitted that he helps train his children

Roger Federer and Princess Kate (ineriasport)

Roger Federer recently gave an interview to WSJ. Magazine. He talked about his first year of retirement from sports and revealed whether his children follow in his footsteps and what they think about tennis.

Roger Federer has four children with his wife Mirka Federer, a former tennis player. In 2009, the couple welcomed twin daughters – Myla Rose and Charlene Riva. In 2013, Mirka Federer became pregnant again and in 2014 she gave birth to twins again, this time two boys – Leo and Lenn. The couple’s children could be seen many times in the stands during Grand Slam tournaments. Recently in an interview for WSJ. Magazine Federer revealed whether his children followed in his footsteps and practice tennis. It turns out that Federer himself trains them.

“All four kids love it,” he told the outlet. “The girls didn’t love it in the beginning but as they got better, they’re enjoying it and playing points now. They were up at [John] McEnroe Academy in East Hampton, and the boys were in Mallorca at the [Rafael Nadal] camp for a couple of days.”

Asked if he ever coaches his kids, Federer shared, “When I have time — and I try to make the time — I go on the court with them a little bit.”  “It’s obviously an interesting dynamic, because I’m the dad, and not a former player. It is what it is,” the retired tennis pro added.

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