Roger Federer stepped onto the Wimbledon court for the last time in his career! The audience greeted the Swiss beautifully

Roger Federer and Princess Kate (ineriasport)

On Tuesday morning, the legendary Roger Federer stepped onto the Wimbledon court for the last time in his career. The tournament authorities organized a special ceremony for Federer. The Swiss was honored for his extraordinary achievements just before the first match of the day.

Roger Federer retired from the sport last fall. The Swiss announced his decision suddenly, without prior announcement. Most tournaments couldn’t say goodbye to the champion properly. That’s why Wimbledon invited him to this year’s edition of the event and organized a farewell ceremony for him.

Roger Federer is a record eight-time Wimbledon winner. No wonder that the Wimbledon authorities decided to officially say goodbye to him. A ceremony held on the courts of Wimbledon on Tuesday, July 4, just before the start of Tuesday’s games, celebrated Federer’s remarkable achievements at the English Slam. The way the British public greeted the Swiss when he was announced to be appearing in the royal box is breathtaking. The Swiss sat in the royal box next to Princess Kate, wife of Prince William, heir to the British throne. It just has to be seen. Here’s the video.

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