Ronaldo sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran!

Fatima, Ronaldo (fot. geo super)

Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced! The Iranian authorities sentenced the Portuguese to 99 lashes for breaking Iranian law. What did the football player do? Can he avoid punishment?

Cristiano Ronaldo punished for breaking Iranian law. The footballer committed an illegal act during his stay in Iran in September. The footballer then came to Iran to play in a match against the local team Persepolis. Ronaldo’s violation of the law occurred during his pre-match meeting with fans.

During the said meeting, Ronaldo hugged and kissed Fatima, an artist who participated in the meeting, on the head. As it turns out, it was with this behavior that Ronaldo broke Iranian law. According to Iran’s penal code, the footballer’s behavior was interpreted as “adultery committed by an unmarried person.” Iranian law prohibits any physical contact between men and women in public places, especially if they are not married. Arab media report that the decision to punish the player was made in absentia. The Portuguese will be punished with 99 lashes if he appears in Iran in the future. The footballer can therefore avoid punishment if he does not appear in Iran again.

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