Rune and Rublev have a problem during a rock-paper-scissors game at the Madrid Open

Andrey Rublev and Holger Rune (pic:

Andrey Rublev has recently taken a liking to the game “rock, paper, scissors”. This led to a funny situation in his training session with Holger Rune.

Andrey Rublev got into the habit of playing “rock, paper, scissors” before the start of a match or training session. He first used this method against Stan Wawrinka, when they replaced the coin toss before the game with “rock-paper-scissors”.

Rublev recently picked up the game again at a tournament in Rome in a training session with Holger Rune. There was a funny situation, because the gentlemen had a problem with playing the “duel” correctly. Rune and Rublev used this game to decide who would serve first. However, they had some issues coordinating their efforts. The Russian showed his hand twice while Rune still counted to three. They finally got it on the third try.

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