Scandal at the US Open. Kazakh’s behavior was even criticized by the “bad boy of tennis” Nick Kygrios

NEW YORK CITY,NEW YORK,USA,28.AUG.23 - TENNIS - ATP World Tour, US Open, Grand Slam, Flushing Meadows. Image shows Dominic Thiem (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Hans Oberlaender

A controversial situation occurred in the US Open first round match between Dominic Thiem and Alexander Bublik. Kazakh was to call Thiem disabled during the meeting. Bublik’s words met with criticism, including from Australian Nick Kyrgios, who is famous for his controversial attitude on the court.

Dominic Thiem is the 2020 US Open winner. Alexander Bublik is a promising 26-year-old tennis player from Russia who has been representing Kazakhstan since 2016. Although Bublik can’t boast of great results in the grand slam yet, he was the favorite to meet Thiem. All because Thiem has been struggling with serious health problems and recurrent injuries for two years.

The result of Thiem vs. Bublik was a little surprise because Thiem won. However, it is louder about Bublik’s scandalous behavior than about his loss or Thiem’s win. After losing the first set and losing in the second set, Kazach was furious. With Thiem leading 4-1 in the second set, Bublik drew attention to Thiem. “I am sick of giving careers back to disabled people” he said aloud in Russian. He probably meant that this season he was losing to David Goffin, Alexander Zverev and Gael Monfils, all of whom had recently come back from injury. The tennis world heard his words and criticized him.

-Even being a clown has its limits. Bublik with his words crossed the acceptable limits. It is disrespectful to an opponent who has achieved much, much more than him. Thiem returns to the court and fights with a great desire to reach the level of the past, and this is admirable – Kuznecowa said.

Even Nick Kyrgios, who is also known for various antics on the court, did not like Bublik’s words. The Australian stated that he did not like Bublik’s comment very much. Dominic Thiem himself also spoke on the matter. What does he think about what Bublik said to him? The journalist asked the Austrian about it at the post-match conference.

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