Scandal in the NBA. Employee reveals NBA working conditions on social media

NBA (parlons basket)

The NBA is the most prestigious basketball league in the world. Every basketball player and basketball fan would like to be in it and know how it is to work there. The conditions of employment in the NBA have just been revealed by one of its former employees. It caused a scandal!

On Monday morning, the official NBA Facebook account was hijacked by one of the league’s former employees, who posted a post detailing his employment with the league. The details cast doubt on the NBA’s work ethic and sparked a number of discussions on the subject.

The post was quickly removed from the profile, but the photo of the post remained and is circulating on the internet. You can see it below.

The post raises the issue of the working conditions of the NBA’s social media department. The author of the post informs that he has not worked in the NBA for several weeks and draws attention to the negative impact that overworking league employees has on their psyche. He reports that they were ordered to work 14-hour shifts without breaks, and that on less than $50,000 a year after taxes.

The NBA did not respond to the former employee’s post in any official way.

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