She was the only Olympian to achieve this. Today we say goodbye to her

(fot. eurosport)

Anfisa Rieztsova is dead. A Russian woman who was the only Olympic champion in history in both biathlon and cross-country skiing. Her ex-husband informed about the athlete’s sudden death.

Anfisa Rieztsova was a multiple Olympic champion and world champion. She won three Olympic gold medals – one in ski racing and two in biathlon. She also won three gold and two silver medals at the world cross-country skiing championships.

Rieztsova died at the age of 58. She was in hospital at the time of her death. Her ex-husband informed her about her passing.

– Anfisa died yesterday at noon, despite resuscitation. We only found out about it today, Friday. She had been in the hospital since October 15 – Leonid Rieztsov reported on October 20.

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