Simona Halep is losing patience! The tennis player demands a hearing in her case.

Simona Halep, interview for Tennis Majors (foto: Tennis Majors)

Simona Halep has been out of the game since October 2022, when she was temporarily suspended for testing positive for the banned substance roxadustat. Halep claims she has proof of her innocence, but she still hasn’t even been questioned.

Ever since Simona Halep tested positive for roxadustat, she has been trying to prove her innocence. The tennis player claims that in December she was able to confirm that she was not doping because a sample she sent to a private laboratory proved that the banned substance roxadustat was in the tennis player’s body because one of her supplements was contaminated with it at the production stage. Help informs, however, that the anti-doping authorities do not want to accept her evidence. What’s more, after the ill-fated test, Halep underwent ten more tests for doping, all of which came back negative.

The Romanian was left to fight in the tribunal. This is the only institution that can accept the tennis player’s evidence and interrogate her in person. Halep hopes to do so in May.

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