Ski jumping. Anze Lanisek is considering giving his World Cup medal to Dawid Kubacki

Anze Lanisek and Dawid Kubacki (photo: Twitter)

Dawid Kubacki lost his place on the podium of the World Cup when he withdrew from the competition before the end of the season due to the critical health of his wife. He was overtaken by the Slovenian jumper Anze Lanisek. The Slovene, receiving the medal for the 3rd place in the World Cup, stood on the podium with the cardboard image of Kubacki. It turns out that Lanisek is considering giving the medal to Kubacki.

Although Anze Lanisek became the third best jumper of the season, according to him, this place belonged to Dawid Kubacki. The Slovene overtook Kubacki in the general classification when the Pole withdrew from the competition after his wife ended up in the hospital fighting for her life. There was such a small difference in points between the jumpers, and the Slovene was in such a good shape that he was sure that he would be able to overtake the Pole. Kubacki was finally ranked fourth, but jumpers, experts, and fans know that if he jumped until the end of the season, he would probably stand on the podium instead of Lanisek.

The Slovene emphasized several times that in his opinion Kubacki was so strong this season that for him he would remain the second best player of the season. Therefore, when he received the medal for the third place in the World Cup, he went to the decorations with the likeness of Dawid Kubacki printed on cardboard. Throughout the entire decoration, the Slovene could not hold back tears.

– To be honest, I didn’t expect the emotions to be so big. Everything I did came from the heart. It was a really beautiful moment for me to hear that David put love first. – he admitted in an interview with the Onet portal.

Most likely, this is not the only gesture towards Kubacki that Lanisek will make. Slovenian media reports that Lanisek wants to give his medal to Kubacki.

– I think I will do it. I need to think about it a bit more and talk to myself – said the Slovene in an interview with the Slovenian media.

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