Sometimes he can’t even go down the stairs. Rafa Nadal on preparations for the last season of his career


Rafael Nadal was last seen on the court on January 18 at the Australian Open. Eight months have passed since then and the Spaniard has still not returned to the game. Injured and shortly after surgery, Rafa Nadal breaks his silence. In an interview with Moviestar, he talked about his health condition and preparations for the 2024 season, which will be the last one in his career.

When Rafael Nadal came to Australia for the Australian Open in January this year, he started the tournament as the defending champion. Unfortunately, already in the second round it turned out that the Spaniard would not defend his title. The Spaniard suffered a hip injury and lost the match. At that time, the Spaniard hoped to return to the game after a few weeks of treatment. Today we know that this did not happen. The injury was so serious that Nadal had to end his season. He hasn’t played for eight months now. Did he manage to recover from the injury?

– Do I live without pain? No, one foot hurts a lot at times, it does not allow me to live in peace, and sometimes it is difficult for me to even go down the stairs in my own home. Now it’s better, let’s say, with controlled pain – admitted Nadal.

Nadal announced the end of the season at the end of May, just before Roland Garros, where he won 14 times. He then announced that he was putting the racket aside for now, stopping all training and focusing on a complete body reset because his body stopped responding to treatment. Then the Spaniard announced that his body was already so devastated by injuries that the 2024 season would be his last season in his professional career. Then in the summer, Nadal underwent surgery on an injured hip and an old foot condition. The Spaniard seemed to be returning to form as he returned to training in late August. However, the reality is different.

– I practice without moving, without hitting the ball and I can’t even run at the speed I’m used to, but I have to be careful and restrained at all times. I train three times a week for 40 minutes, Nadal revealed.

Does this mean we won’t see Nadal in 2024?

– The Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 would be a nice end to my career if I feel good. I believe that 2024 will probably be my last year, like I said before, but I can’t confirm this 100 percent. My schedule may change if I feel I actually have a chance to win Roland Garros. – Nadal said.

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