Sports stars who took part in the Netflix documentary about Beckham

"Beckham", Netflix (fot. Netflix)

You can now watch a four-episode documentary about David Beckham on Netflix. Many stars took part in the documentary “Beckham”, including several sports legends. Here are some of them.

“Beckham” tells the story of the footballer’s private life and football career and discusses some of his successes, but also failures.

The production is based on many interviews. Bekcham’s entire family and Beckham himself take part in it. Many fans of the footballer and journalist believe that Beckham has never opened up as much as in this documentary. Apart from Beckham himself, many famous people talk about him. Here are some of the sports stars you can see in this documentary.

Ronaldo Názaro (Real Madrid teammate)

Nazario is a Brazilian footballer who played as a striker. The youngest ever winner of the FIFA Player of the Year award for the best player in the world and the Ballon d’Or for the best player playing in Europe.

Paul Scholes (Man United teammate)

Paul Scholes is an English footballer who played as a midfielder. In his youth and at the beginning of his senior career, he played as a striker. England representative, long-time Manchester United player, later assistant coach. Winner of the European Cup in 1999 and 2008.

Roberto Carlos (Madrid teammate)

Roberto Carlos was a Real Madrid player and achieved the greatest triumphs in his career there. He became the Spanish Champion five times and won the Champions League cup three times.

Sir Alex Ferguson (Man United manager)

Sir Alex Ferguson is a Scottish football coach and player. In the years 1986–2013 he was the football coach of Manchester United. Considered one of the greatest football coaches.

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