Stoch declares faith in the coach. Thomas Thurnbichler announces changes

Thomas Thurnbichler (fot.

What is encouraging about the difficult situation of Polish ski jumpers at the beginning of the season is the fact that everyone involved takes responsibility. The staff admits that they made a mistake in the preparations, and the ski jumpers say that they know where they make mistakes. We can also be pleased with the athletes’ statement that they believe in their staff and are able to correct mistakes. As well as the fact that Thomas Thurnbichler informs that the staff already has the first ideas to change the situation.

Thomas Thurnbichler, who is the coach of the Polish ski jumping team, has already proven to Poles that a young trainer can be effective. He also got Poles used to the fact that ski jumpers under his command jump well, far and win competition after competition. Therefore, we can partially understand the chagrin of fans disappointed with the disastrous start of the Polish team this season and information about problems in the staff. Therefore, Kamil Stoch’s latest statement, as well as Thomas Thurnbichler’s statement, may make them happy and give them hope for better results.

Kamil Stoch said that he believes in his coaches and improving results. He also assured that they give him good tips and that sometimes he himself is the one who makes unnecessary decisions.

Now Thomas Thurnbichler has spoken on the matter. The coach of Polish jumpers announced the upcoming changes in an interview with Eurosport after Sunday’s competition in Lillehammer.

– We will announce our plans as early as possible. As I say, we already have some solutions in our heads about what we want to do. But first, I want to discuss it again after the competition and then we will make decisions. The biggest problem is that the players lack stability in terms of technique. When you work on it, there will always be better and worse jumps. Now it is our task, as the coaching staff, to find the best solution on what to do next week to make it better. We need to discuss this and take appropriate action as soon as possible. I still believe in my team, I’m 100% convinced that we will get through this situation and start getting closer. Now that we have our first long trip behind us, we are looking at all aspects, jumps and many other issues. After this week, we will discuss what needs to be done – Thurnbichler said.

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