Summary of first tests in Barcelona

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The first tests in Barcelona ahead of upcoming Formula One season are behind us. Even though it is hard to take all the results for granted, lap times presents some conclusions.

Nico Hulkenberg from Renault finished the tests with the best lap time, 1:17.393, but the first six in the juxtaposition made their results on softest tyres, C5.

According to Pirelli, another tyres in terms of thickness should make a lap time slower by 0.6 second per lap, and the next one, C3, by another 0.6 second. Despite this Ferrari gained their best times on C3 tyres. Leclerc was slower than Hulkenberg by 0.653 sec, Vettel – 0.758 sec. Some say that Ferrari disposes of the best car right now.

On the other hand, Williams has not finished the car on time for the beginning of tests, so it is not surprising, that both drivers drove least kilometres and appeared on the bottom of the juxtaposition. Russel got 1:20.997 on C3 tyres, Kubica 1:21.542 on C2.

Najwięcej kilometrów, bo 610, przejechał Mercedes, tuż za nim uplasował się zespół z Maranello z wynikiem 598. Podium w tej kategorii zamknęła Alfa Romeo z 507 kilometrami. Dla porównania, team Polaka przejechał zaledwie 88 kilometrów.

The most kilometres, 610, drove Mercedes, with Ferrari just behind them with the result of 598. The last on the podium was Alfa Romeo with 507 km. For comparison, Pole’s team drove only 88 km.

Another tests will last since February 26th to March 1st.

[photo: Formula One Facebook]

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