Suspended Simona Halep appears on the US Open entry list. Is this the happy end of her doping scandal?

Simona Halep (Twitter)

The suspended Simona Halep appeared on the US Open entry list. Does this mean that her appeal against the suspension decision was successful?

Simona Halep has been suspended since last autumn for testing positive for doping. The tennis player claims that the substance was only in her body because one of the supplements she was taking was contaminated during the production phase. Halep adds that she has proof of this. However, the doping institute rejected a request to review Halep’s evidence.

Simona Halep received her first hearing in the case eight months after she was suspended. It seems that the conversation went so well that the tennis player will no longer be suspended. We cannot find any other explanation for the news that the Romanian appeared on the entry list for this year’s US Open.

Although she is marked “Temporarily Suspended” because her doping case is still pending, Simona Halep has appeared on the US Open entry list. This is potentially a sign that the Romanian’s audition went well, especially since the Romanian posted a short video of her hard court training on Instagram on Wednesday. The Romanian also posted a video showing how hard she trains in the gym.

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