That’s the end of the season for Dawid Kubacki. His wife is fighting for her life


On Sunday, Dawid Kubacki withdrew from the last competition of Raw Air. This ruined his chances of winning the overall FIS World Cup classification. It was for personal reasons and the coach of Polish jumpers asked to stop asking about it. Kubacki himself spoke on Monday. It’s the end of the season for him. His wife has landed in the hospital in critical condition and is fighting for her life.

On Saturday, Dawid Kubacki took part in the last installment of the Raw Air. On Sunday he was also on the starting list, but a few hours before the start of the competition, PZN published a short statement informing that Dawid Kubacki withdrew from Sunday’s competition for personal reasons. The Pole crossed out the possibility of fighting for a place on the podium in the final classification of the Raw Air cycle and deprived him of the chance to win the overall FIS World Cup classification.

After the end of Sunday’s competition, coach of Polish ski jumpers Thurnbichler announced that Kubacki withdrew for personal reasons that had nothing to do with his health or competition. At the same time, Thurnbichler appealed for respect for the situation and to stop asking questions about it. The coach also did not comment on the return of Kubacki. He only assured that as soon as everything is known, he will inform the media. Now it is known that Kubacki will not return to the hill this season. The jumper explained his sudden disappearance in a statement posted on Instagram.

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Kubacki announced on his Instagram that his wife was hospitalized for cardiac reasons, her condition is severe and doctors are fighting for her life. This is the end of ski jumping for Kubacki in this ski jumping season and the beginning of, let’s hope, a won battle for his wife. We keep our fingers crossed for his beloved!

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