The best player in Europe?

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Messi in the current La Liga season has no competition. He presents splendidly in Champions League as well. It seems like no player can level Argentinean right now.

With Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence in Spain, Messi can feel lonely in the scoring classification and assisting one as well. 29 league goals and 12 assists is the best result among the best leagues in Europe. No player has contributed to 41 goals in a league for his team. He netted 8 times and added 3 assists in Champions League, what makes his the best goalscorer in this competition, alongside Robert Lewandowski.

When the team has visible problems, in every match Barcelona players can count on Argentinean. The club legend earns meter after meter, decides where an action should continue, he creates situations and scores from different positions. In the last match, against Real Betis, he proved his brilliant form with a hattrick, where every next goal was prettier than the previous one. After lobbing a goalkeeper from quite a long distance, the whole stadium in Seville shouted his name. Not many players were honored that way. Messi joined Brazilian Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Del Piero.

Probably no team can say proudly, that they have a player with such a gigantic impact on club’s results. When the team was in a bad situation during a game or lost a goal (and Barcelona doesn’t have a solid defence this season, with 27 goals conceded in 28 games), Messi appeared and changed a result. Argentinean, who turns 32 on June 24th, still performs amazingly.

[photo: FC Barcelona Facebook]

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