The drama of the Italians. Anzani will not play in the European Championship due to heart problems

Simone Anzani (Corriere Adratico)

Simone Anzani forced to leave the training camp of the Italian national team before the European Championships. The volleyball player has heart problems. For the same reason, he had to leave the team before Volleyball Nations League.

This is a real blow for the Italian team. Simone Anzani will not play with the national team at the European Championships. The volleyball player has health issues again. The volleyball player has heart issues again.

Simone Anzani has already had to withdraw from competition once this year. Before Volleyball Nations League, which was won by the Polish national team, Anzani underwent tests that detected a heart arrhythmia. The volleyball player underwent the necessary treatment and even hospitalization. After the intervention of doctors, the volleyball player got back on his feet and returned to the team, but he has to leave it again. We have received news that Anzani is forced to withdraw from representing the country at the European Championships due to recurring heart issues.

At the moment, all we know is that Anzani had to leave the training camp and undergo further tests. We keep our fingers crossed for his speedy recovery.

Recall that Anzani plays in the center position. At this year’s European Championships, Italy will play in Group A, where, apart from Belgium, there are also Switzerland, Serbia, Germany, and Estonia. The European Championship starts on August 28. The final will take place on September 16 in Rome.

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