The dress code at Wimbledon also applies to the crowd! Here’s what’s allowed on the courts


Wimbledon is famous for its rule requiring male and female players to wear only white attire. Did you know there is a dress code for the crowd at the tournament as well?

Wimbledon is a tournament where dress code is taken very seriously. According to the tournament regulations, only one line of color is allowed in the uniform around the neckline, on the sleeves, on the trousers or skirt and on the shoes, as long as its thickness does not exceed one centimeter. It turns out that the players are not the only ones who are bound by a certain dress code at Wimbledon. There is also a dress code for fans sitting in the front row and in the boxes. How can these people dress?


Informal but elegant attire is required, men occupying the center of the court must wear: blazers, shirts and ties (essential for admission to these boxes), summer suits, shorts may also be worn if made to measure, buttoned flat shoes. Sneakers, T-shirts or jeans are not allowed.


It is recommended that they wear a knee-length dress, and since this is a daytime event, neutral shades and appropriate shoes, like men, are not allowed to wear sneakers. Pure white is not mandatory, but many people opt for this color and dresses inspired by the outfits worn by tennis players, which are always welcome. They can also have suits or trousers, as long as they perfectly imitate the British style.

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