The first day of II tests in Barcelona are behind us

Formula One

Lando Norris from McLaren finished the first day of II tests in Barcelona with the best lap time. The Britishman drove around the Catalunya circuit with time 1:17,709. The second best time had Pierre Gasly from Red Bull, but he had harder tyres than Norris.

The Frenchman drove 136 laps during the day, what is the most among all the drivers. More than 100 laps had only Alexander Albon from Toro Rosso, Kevin Magnussen from Haas and George Russell from Williams. Kubica’s team partner was ninth out of thirteen drivers, who took part in tests yesterday, even with the softest tyres. Today the Pole drove his car.

Yesterday the most problems had Mercedes. Valtteri Bottas during the exit lap had a car breakdown. After changing an engine Finn drove only seven laps, but still had a better time lap than Lewis Hamilton by 0.165 second.

Tests will last until March 1st.

[photo: Formula One]

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