The Gattuso show is in place in La Liga!

Gennaro Gattuso on fire - always.

Jürgen Klopp is mostly a sane German, but when you put the Liverpool manager along the sidelines with Diego Simeone, it does not take long before it boils over. Now the Atletico Madrid manager will have to “meet himself” in the next La Liga season.

Those who have brought Gennaro Gattusso as a football player, realized that this is an Italian who will not use fewer tricks in the book and show less emotion when he replaced the suit with the suit as coach. This has been fully demonstrated by the former Italian national team bulldozer.

It started at Pisa in 2015, then AC Milan, then Napoli, before he had 23 days as coach of Fiorentina. This is an all in-manager.

Now Diego Simeone can expect competition for the outbursts along the sideline when Atletico go up against Valencia next season. Gennaro Gattuso is ready. There is definitely no gentlemen’s handshake after the match.

We are really looking forward to it, La Liga has got a new attraction.

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