The legendary Tom Brady became the owner of an English football club?!

Tom Brady (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)

A living NFL legend, American national treasure, winner of seven Superbowls. These are just some of the terms that come to mind when trying to describe Tom Brady. From now on, the term “owner of an English football club” must also be added to this list. Tom Brady became co-owner of Birmingham City FC.

Birmingham City FC is a football club currently playing in the Championship, England’s second tier. From now on, also one of the properties of NFL legend, retired Tom Brady. The 46-year-old bought shares in Birmingham’s ownership group, Knighthead Capital Management, an investment fund. Former NFL superstar Brady will become chairman of the club’s new advisory board, which works directly with Birmingham’s board of directors.

“Tom is an investor but also takes the time to pass on his knowledge to us as head of their advisory board,” says Tom Wagner.

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