The NBA is considering scheduling a mid-season tournament with EuroLeague teams


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has stated that the NBA is considering creating a competition where league franchises and international teams, including EuroLeague teams, would compete in an official mid-season tournament. However, it is not known whether NBA teams would participate in it. Why?

Adam Silver gave a more extensive interview during Day 2 of the NBA All-Star Weekend. One of the questions asked was whether the NBA was considering creating a tournament that pitted NBA teams against teams from the rest of the world’s leagues. Silver admitted that there are constant discussions about this, but the problem is reconciling the calendars of the games.

“There may be a tournament at some point during the season, but it will involve non-NBA clubs. We’ve had a few different tournaments over the years where NBA clubs have played European clubs. Many years ago we had the McDonald’s Championship. It’s something we’ll continue to look at. Part of the problem is our cycle of our season compared to the Euroleague. I don’t think it’s realistic for a team to finish the finals and then go straight to the next tournament and then, due to the change of players in the league and teams, next fall it’s a different team and it’s not yet aligned. The new ones wouldn’t have had the opportunity to connect with the team, which would have had an impact on the pitch.” said Silver.

Would you like to see a tournament in which the NBA competes with the Euroleague?

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