The son of a tennis legend joins Rafael Nadal’s academy

Rafael Nadal i Lleyton Hewitt (sportskeeda)

The son of the legendary Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt joined Rafa Nadal Academy. Will Cruz Hewitt be as good as his dad?

Lleyton Hewitt is an Australian tennis legend. In the years 2001–2003, he was the leader of the ATP world ranking for 80 weeks. He won two Grand Slam tournaments: US Open 2001 and Wimbledon 2002. He has been retired from sports for several years, occasionally playing recreationally or in tournaments of legends. He is still associated with tennis. Soon it may be louder again thanks to his son, who has just started professional training.

Cruz Hewitt, son of Lleyton Hewitt, has joined the Rafa Nadal Academy training program. This is a tennis center created by Rafael Nadal. Nadal’s academy has guided the careers of several young players from around the world. In addition to improving the skills of players, the academy also aims to improve physical fitness and personal development. On Monday, July 24, on social media, Rafa Nadal’s academy announced the acceptance of the son of two-time Grand Slam champion Lleyton Hewitt.

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