The Utah Jazz legend criticizes LeBron James

LeBron James (Photo: CNN)

The Utah Jazz legend attacked the star of the Los Angeles Lakers. John Stockton criticizes the way Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James handles the team’s affairs.

— It’d be maddening as a teammate to know that you can be expendable for one of his guys that he thinks he needs to play with – Stockton told DNP-CD Sports.

John Stockton is not a fan of James’ approach to his teammates and club management. His opinion probably relates to cases where teams led by James were to experience significant mid-season shifts when the basketball player played a role in arranging these kinds of deals.

An example of this is 2019, when LeBron James and the Lakers made a deal that saw them part ways with much of their young talent to sign Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. While some of the club’s moves can be questioned, the changes being made are producing visible results. James already has four NBA titles.

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