There have never been such matches! Tennis players break records at Roland Garros!

Roland Garros (Twitter)

Those who feared a lack of excitement at this year’s Roland Garros due to the absence of the tournament’s king, Rafael Nadal, can rest easy. Tennis players have just broken the Roland Garros record for the most five-set matches played in the first round.

The tennis players who came to Roland Garros probably decided to make up for the absence of Rafael Nadal, the 14-time winner of the event, at the tournament. We make such a conclusion because the men’s edition of the competition broke the record for the number of five-set matches played in the first round at Roland Garros.

There have never been as many five-set matches at Roland Garros as this year. The previous record of 5-sets played in the first round was 18. Now it is 20. Who played so long on the court?

Everything was settled on Tuesday. That day, the tournament had already played 12 five-set matches. The record was broken in a clash between German qualifying tennis player Yannick Hanfmann and Thiago Monteiro. After exactly five hours of competition, Hanfmann won over Monteiro 6:3, 7:5, 6:7 (6), 6:7 (2), 6-4. The 20th five-set duel took place in the match of Gael Monfis. Returning after an eight-month break, the Frenchman, after losing 4-0 in the decisive fifth set, revived and won the fight with a score of 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 1-6, 7-5.

It will be interesting to see what balance of five-set matches will end this year’s edition of Roland Garros. Let us remind you that the tournament lasts until June 11.

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