There is a verdict in the case of Alexander Zverev. Germany found not guilty


In 2020, German tennis player Alexander Zverev was accused of abuse and domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Olya Sharipova. After 15 months of investigation, the ATP announced its verdict. Zverev was found not guilty.

Alexander Zverev was accused of using violence against his former partner Olya Sharypova in 2020. In 2021, the ATP set up a committee to investigate the matter. The investigation lasted 15 months and has just ended with Zverev being acquitted.

As a result of the investigation, Zverev was found not guilty due to the lack of credible evidence. Sharypova’s statements were found to be contradictory, as were those made by Zverev. The ATP also found no breach of ATP rules by the German. No disciplinary action will therefore be taken against Zverev. Zverev has maintained his innocence since the case was brought to the ATP.

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